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Angie's list ...Nancy B...This is one of my favorite places!  I actually started with them in summer 2014 when I brought my car to them for detailing.  It had a waxy substance dropped from trees on the hood, windows, top, trunk.  The job they did then was so impressive that I've come back regularly for the hand washing.  Patrick is amazing with what he can get off.  And always nice.  Auto Shine's estimate of when the car will be ready has been consistently reliable.

Joette L....Complete detailing- cleaned upholstery, floors, outside and tires - looked brand new!

Claudia B....I was nervous since I'd never had my car detailed before. Toni put me at ease and asked me about the condition of my car so that she could give an estimate. When she inspected my car in person, she lowered the estimate. My car came back on time and in immaculate condition. I am very happy and will return again. I appreciated the friendly attitude of everyone at Auto Shine.

James H. My 2005 Jeep that has never been garaged, had tons of tree sap on the exterior, scratches all over, moss growing around the windows, dog hair and completely filthy on the inside now looks like it was just driven off the showroom floor! I decided to keep the 2005 Jeep and not buy a new vehicle.  So the $220 I paid for the cleanup saved me $30,000.00.

Russell H....Auto Shine Detail removed 20 years of dirt and dust from the interior of a 1990 Jeep Cherokee, which had never had a thorough detailing previously.  The car is like new inside again.  Wonderful!  Smells and looks great!

YELP --  Dan J.....I took in my car for a full detail. They were very clear on the instructions in regards to everything from forms of payment to time the car is expected to be brought in and delivery time. The work was done so well that my car now has that new car smell and feel to it all over again, even though I've had it for 5 years now.

Will definitely recommend to my friends and will bring back again for the next yearly clean-up. Thanks so much!

Michele S...... I am so happy that Pat and his team were able to take my car in quickly. Something happened in my car, and it was soaking wet. I have no idea where all the liquid came from, but it was clear that my attempts at triage were not successfully stopping the mildew. I needed to get this car taken care of before something started growing in it.

I had no idea my 10 year old car could look this good, but the miracle with the smell. No mildew. The car smells new! I won't be neglecting this car for another 10 years, because I'll be bringing it back to Pat.

Kaitlin W.......I would recommend this company to anyone. They exceeded my expectations completely. After reading reviews on a few other local detail shops I was worried to bring my car into any detailer. I was sent to Auto Shine Detail from a local Volvo dealer. They had amazing customer service, did a phenomenal job and maintained the price they quoted at the beginning. I brought 2 of my cars in after having such a fantastic experience. Well worth the money!

... Betsey S...The stomach flu came to our house this week, or, rather, it came to our car.  Yaaay. I did what I could, but after an hour it became clear to me it was time to bring in the big guns, and Auto Shine was recommended to me.  They came and got my car the next day, worked their magic on the interior, and brought it back the same day.  It was thoroughly de-flu'ed and smelled like new, via an ionizing machine that breaks down smells.  Thank goodness!  Haz-mat Nightmare on Wheels is back to my lovely little car.

                                            See you soon!    ........Pat Falconio, Owner